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It is possible to compose your own workshop.

Listed below you will find some workshop options for your inspiration,

these workshops will be taught in english.

Do you want to compose your own workshop?

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Aqua Training during pregnancy - instructor workshop

Corestability and the playing element, including balance and coordination - instructor workshop

In this workshop we focus on corestability and the proporties of the water. We will also be using different tools to work with our stability, balance and coordination along with playfullness and fun.

Aquaspinning - instructor workshop

Aqua spinning is not only workout for your legs, it is also a total body workout when using the bike or other tools for muscle endurance and strengh.

Aqua trampoline (Aqua Shark Jumper) - instructor workshop

This is a fantastic tool for cardio training. Furthermore it challenges your balance and coordination ability.

It is possible to do a total body workout and activate all your muscles. It is also great for circuit training.

Various Tools - instructor workshop for inspiration with different tools

Do you need new ideas to how your tools can be used in different ways?

Or perhaps you want some new tools?

This course is a mix of old wellknown tools and new different tools.

For example: Beco NordicJet, Beco Aqua Disc, Beco DynaPad, Beco BeFlex, Beco Powerstick, Waterbike, Towels, Aqua boots, Aqua Fittness Ball, Nudels, Aqua Kickbox, and more.

Aqua Dance - Instructor workshop 

If you want to make a different class, we mix samba, river dance, country, belly dance, and waltz, using inspiration from all sorts of dance arts.

Aqua Combat - instructor workshop

Aqua Combat is martial arts performed in water. We will work through a series of kickboxing and karate movements. We are using aqua-boxing gloves to increase the water resistance.

Aqua Medicine Ball - Instructor workshop

Aqua Medicine Ball is a tool with many options. You can use it as a tool for muscle strength and endurance, and also as a playful tool. It is one of the favourite tools for circuit training.

Aqua Pilates - Instructor workshop with Mariano Solier

Aqua Pilates is exactly as it sounds - Pilates in water - but there are some differences to a normal Pilates lesson.

Obviously students cannot perform mat work as they cannot lie on the bottom of the pool! A small aerobic routine is also built into the lesson to stop students becoming cold while they are working in the pool.

Pilates is a body-conditioning programme that relies on strengthening the 'core postural muscles' of your back and stomach and will help realign your body.

Students perform a series of exercises based on small movements that encourage you to work on the deep structural muscles. They are designed to produce a longer and leaner physique.

These muscles also help stabilise you while you are working in the water. By tightening your stomach and lower back muscles, you are less likely to fall over in the pool during your workout.

At the end of the seminar, we will do 1,5 hours of Aqua Pilates in the pool.

Aqua HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - instructor workshop

In this course you will get inspiration for your aqua training, combining cardio with muscle strength and endurance. We are using trampolines, kettle bells, medicine balls and other tools, which, combined with the water resistance, optimizes the training intensity.


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